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"The days leading up to surgery can be a stressful time. As part of my pre-op instructions, my nurse gave me HIBICLENS® to use as my skin cleanser. Not only was it easy to incorporate into my skincare routine, it was gentle enough even for my sensitive skin. Her confidence in the product put my mind at ease that I was in good hands with HIBICLENS®."

Michael O'Connell, Patient

"When getting ready for our family vacation, HIBICLENS® is one of the first things I pack! Before facing the crowds at a theme park, my kids and I wash our hands with HIBICLENS® to ensure we are protected against germs for hours. There is no time for sneezing or sniffling on vacation, HIBICLENS® is a must-have for any family trip!"

Amy Camp, Mother of 3

"I have used HIBICLENS® for over ten years. Although it is extremely beneficial in cleaning infections and wounds, I have been more impressed with its effectiveness in helping to prevent outbreaks of staph/MRSA."

Craig Clark, MEd, ATC Furman University, Head Athletic Trainer